The Punching Pandas

Des Moines Best Party Band

The Punching Pandas started out as a three piece cover band playing small shows at their favorite local bar for friends and family. Before too long, their line up grew, their song repertoire expanded, and their show became polished. They started playing new venues for larger crowds, and each show became better than the last; each new show had a little bigger crowd, a little more energy, and a little more style. Three years later and they are a powerhouse seven-piece line up playing everything from old school rock and roll to funk, blues, country, rap, pop, and even hit songs on the radio today!

The Punching Pandas quickly became known throughout Des Moines as one of the best party bands in the city. Their shows are legendary for their get-up-and-dance attitude, their raucous crowd participation, and their next level showmanship on stage. Whether playing for thousands at the Iowa State Fair or a few hundred at the local tap, the Pandas bring their unique style and performance to every gig. These are seven guys who absolutely love making music and putting on a great show. They play new songs each and every time they perform and pride themselves on making no two shows the same. The Punching Pandas are the life of the party!


- James T. Fox