The Punching Pandas

Des Moines Best Party Band

Are The Punching Pandas available for hire?

Absolutely, we love performing private events! We've done weddings, class reunions, birthday bashes, corporate events, quinceaneras, wedding anniversaries, funerals, and every type of event in-between. (Okay, so we haven't actually played a funeral yet, but there is a first time for everything!) Please go to the "Contact" page and feel free to call or email anytime if you're interested in hiring the band for a special occasion. We do travel!

for weddings, can you play music for cocktail hour or in-between sets?

Yes, we can play any song, playlist, or audio off any device with a headphone jack. We have great playlists pre-made for dinner and cocktail hour, or you can send us any tunes you specifically want to hear and we can have those cued up and at the ready. Many folks provide their own device with music loaded onto it, or feel free to send us a copy of the playlist and we can take care of it. One less thing for you to keep track of on your big day!

We can also play any request or specialty song during our performance breaks that you might want to hear. We have pre-loaded party tunes that work great for any occasion, or you can send us specific songs to keep dancing while the band preps another stellar set! 

Do you take specialty requests?

We wouldn't be a very good band if we didn't take requests! For wedding bookings that are booked far enough in advance (usually 6+ months) we do try to perform at least one special request for the happy couple. Typically we ask you send us three to four songs with a priority ranking on what you want to hear, and we then do our best to fulfill your favorite first. If for any reason your first pick doesn't gel or we can't perform it up to our standards, then we have a few backups to choose from.  

Song requests are a special favor we do for weddings as a thank you for choosing us to help celebrate your big day. We don't charge any extra money for learning them! We also do not 100% guarantee that they will be performed. To date, we have been able to fulfill each and every request, but as we continue to fill out our calendar our time to dedicate to making these requests happen has become limited. *If you're interested in booking for 2019, please get your requests in before January!*

Can you provide audio for the ceremony?

We certainly can! Ceremony audio is not included in the base price for the band. It's an extra service that is price dependent on individual audio needs. We have wireless mics for officiants, indoor and outdoor speakers, and all the equipment to play any pre-recorded audio for the ceremony. 


I Work for a charity non-profit, are you guys open to performing for a good cause? 


We would be totally thrilled to perform for a great cause! Giving back to our community is always an amazing opportunity, especially when it's helping those in need. In the past we've gotten funky with The Purple Stride for Pancreatic Cancer, The Lupus Foundation's Knock Out Lupus 5k, Camp Sunnyside for children with disabilities, and South Side Cares for numerous events supporting those individuals going through distressing times. 

While we would absolutely love to support all charity events, we can only fit in a few every year. Generally we work on a first come first serve basis for all organizations no matter how big or small. We still have openings for 2018! Please see the "Contact" tab  to get in touch with us! 

Can you guys perform Emcee Duties as well?


100% we can! Whether it's announcing the wedding party, bouquet/garter toss, dollar dance, or any other special moment we can do it all. For non-wedding events we can promote sponsors, direct folks where they need to be and keep things going on schedule as planned. Through our trademark charisma and witty banter we can spice up any event! Just give us a detailed run down of what you need over the mic and we can handle it!